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La plus petite | Mongolia (by Audrey-Ata)

Baby goats wearing scrap-cloth blankets to keep them warm.
Yesterday, the Mongolian government announced that 16 million livestock animals have been born in Mongolian this spring, exceeding government estimates by a million. There may be a few more births; horses and camels may be giving birth for another week or two.

Nomadic Boy sleeping on reindeer, Mongolia


Time lapse video of a Mongolian Ger being erected.


Chabi (1260–1281), Royal consort of Khubilai Khan.

[NEWS] G-Dragon Says That Taeyang Is Good At Kissing


In an appearance on television, G-Dragon applauded Taeyang’s kissing.

Rather than breaking the hearts of millions of fans, G-Dragon was merely complimenting his fellow Big Bang member.

On the July 19 episode of Entertainment Weekly, Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon discussed Taeyang’s…

Kiss me

G-Dragon Mask by Hyun Kim

Source: Hyun Kim’s Facebook

Almost o.o

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